Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Freedom party

I have become completely disgusted with all my options for voting. This includes all the available party's to vote for. There is finally options besides democratic and republican, but they are not much better. Every party has it upside and downside, it also seems that there is way more downside to all the parties. I have my own ideas for a new party with a new direction to take America. These are my humble ideas, some may seem out there, but any new idea seems crazy when you first hear it.

First and foremost No more wars or police actions. I am so tired about hearing about billions and billions spent on wars in other countries and then paying to rebuild that country. We need to close down all foreign bases and bring all of our troops home. Now If the Untied Nations ask for Americas help then of course we will provide troops and resources, but only if asked. If we where to just cut out all of our spending on never ending foreign wars, we would save billions.

Second No more war on drugs. We spend entirely to much money jailing and trying to arrest people for the use of drugs. Do you realize for every year a person is in jail it cost an average of $25,000 dollars. That is for one person in jail. Think about how many people are in jail right now. Then think about 50% of those are in for non violent drug charges. I don't like people telling me what to do if what I am doing doesn't hurt anyone else. If some one wants to sit at home and do drugs that is there choice and should be allowed to do it. If you make it legal to sell drugs then all of the criminal activity surrounding drug sells will go away. There would be no more drug shootings for territory or smugglers. Also police will be able to use all of those resources for other things. Now the key to this is to legalize all drugs, but employers would still be allowed to drug test and they can chose to not hire anyone who test positive without penalty. Anyone caught in public or driving will face the same charges as DUI or Public Intoxication. Then we tax all the sales of these drugs and I can only imagine what that would raise.

Third taxes, I want to see a 10% tax increase on anyone who makes more than $250,000 dollars a year and a 10% tax cut for anyone who makes less than %250,000. No more tax breaks for the wealthy.

Fourth Elected officials will not receive there salary for the rest of there life's. The will have to get a personal 401k just like every other american. Also congress and the house of Representatives will only get 50,000 a year. The average American lives on less than that, so they should be just fine. And who knows it may teach them how to live within a budget.

Fifth Marriage, anyone can marry any person they want. I am tired of people pushing there morals on other people. I understand that you have strong moral beliefs, but national laws should not be passed on a individuals morals. Two people getting married doesn't affect anyone but the two people getting married. They are not hurting or violating the rights of anyone else, so leave them alone.

Sixth American is a country founding and build by immigrants. It is funny how people forget that when they talk about Mexicans trying to come to America. We need to streamline the process to become a American Citizen and make it cheaper and easier. I believe that the people coming across the border would do it legally if it was easier. If we catch people here illegally still deport them but at the same time try to educate them on how to come her legally and give them a chance.

Seventh Free healthcare with all the money raised/ saved by these things should be more than enough to cover healthcare for all. Not health insurance for everyone, but truly free healthcare.

Eight Balance the budget, We are going to have a complete economic crash if we don't make changes. My plan will raise/ save billions after that we need to be smart with the money and live within our means as a country.

These are just some things I thing will help, I have other ideas too. This is my new party, The Freedom Party. Isn't that what America is suppose to be, Freedom for all?

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Random thoughts

I have been spending a lot of time lately watching so called reality TV. Not shows like Jersey Shore I do have some standards. Instead I have been watching fishing shows i.e. Deadliest Catch, Lobstermen, and Swords. As I am watching them I can't figure out why I am watching them. People throw trap in water, then pull trap out of water. Take shit out of the cage and then repeat. I know on some level that this show is the same thing over and over, but I can't stop watching it. I literally sit on the edge of my seat and get excited about crabs in a cage or sad if its empty. Is there something wrong with my brain. I must not be the only one this show are insanely popular I just can't figure out why. I do know this I will keep watching them, and I will be entertained.