Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Freedom party

I have become completely disgusted with all my options for voting. This includes all the available party's to vote for. There is finally options besides democratic and republican, but they are not much better. Every party has it upside and downside, it also seems that there is way more downside to all the parties. I have my own ideas for a new party with a new direction to take America. These are my humble ideas, some may seem out there, but any new idea seems crazy when you first hear it.

First and foremost No more wars or police actions. I am so tired about hearing about billions and billions spent on wars in other countries and then paying to rebuild that country. We need to close down all foreign bases and bring all of our troops home. Now If the Untied Nations ask for Americas help then of course we will provide troops and resources, but only if asked. If we where to just cut out all of our spending on never ending foreign wars, we would save billions.

Second No more war on drugs. We spend entirely to much money jailing and trying to arrest people for the use of drugs. Do you realize for every year a person is in jail it cost an average of $25,000 dollars. That is for one person in jail. Think about how many people are in jail right now. Then think about 50% of those are in for non violent drug charges. I don't like people telling me what to do if what I am doing doesn't hurt anyone else. If some one wants to sit at home and do drugs that is there choice and should be allowed to do it. If you make it legal to sell drugs then all of the criminal activity surrounding drug sells will go away. There would be no more drug shootings for territory or smugglers. Also police will be able to use all of those resources for other things. Now the key to this is to legalize all drugs, but employers would still be allowed to drug test and they can chose to not hire anyone who test positive without penalty. Anyone caught in public or driving will face the same charges as DUI or Public Intoxication. Then we tax all the sales of these drugs and I can only imagine what that would raise.

Third taxes, I want to see a 10% tax increase on anyone who makes more than $250,000 dollars a year and a 10% tax cut for anyone who makes less than %250,000. No more tax breaks for the wealthy.

Fourth Elected officials will not receive there salary for the rest of there life's. The will have to get a personal 401k just like every other american. Also congress and the house of Representatives will only get 50,000 a year. The average American lives on less than that, so they should be just fine. And who knows it may teach them how to live within a budget.

Fifth Marriage, anyone can marry any person they want. I am tired of people pushing there morals on other people. I understand that you have strong moral beliefs, but national laws should not be passed on a individuals morals. Two people getting married doesn't affect anyone but the two people getting married. They are not hurting or violating the rights of anyone else, so leave them alone.

Sixth American is a country founding and build by immigrants. It is funny how people forget that when they talk about Mexicans trying to come to America. We need to streamline the process to become a American Citizen and make it cheaper and easier. I believe that the people coming across the border would do it legally if it was easier. If we catch people here illegally still deport them but at the same time try to educate them on how to come her legally and give them a chance.

Seventh Free healthcare with all the money raised/ saved by these things should be more than enough to cover healthcare for all. Not health insurance for everyone, but truly free healthcare.

Eight Balance the budget, We are going to have a complete economic crash if we don't make changes. My plan will raise/ save billions after that we need to be smart with the money and live within our means as a country.

These are just some things I thing will help, I have other ideas too. This is my new party, The Freedom Party. Isn't that what America is suppose to be, Freedom for all?

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Random thoughts

I have been spending a lot of time lately watching so called reality TV. Not shows like Jersey Shore I do have some standards. Instead I have been watching fishing shows i.e. Deadliest Catch, Lobstermen, and Swords. As I am watching them I can't figure out why I am watching them. People throw trap in water, then pull trap out of water. Take shit out of the cage and then repeat. I know on some level that this show is the same thing over and over, but I can't stop watching it. I literally sit on the edge of my seat and get excited about crabs in a cage or sad if its empty. Is there something wrong with my brain. I must not be the only one this show are insanely popular I just can't figure out why. I do know this I will keep watching them, and I will be entertained.

Friday, July 22, 2011

should couples tell each other every thing?

as women we live with this dream that we need to know everything about the person we are with. is this necessary? is it positive to know every deep dark, back of the closet secret that you partner has. will it make you love them less? i think not. i made the mistake of trying too reach that no secrets between us goal and i made myself look like an idiot. i want to be honest with my partner, but i don't want them to think in the back of their head "what the hell was i thinking!" if you are in a relationship with someone you love them for who they are now, not who they where then. so is it necessary to know everything they have ever done. the thing that pledges me is what is too much? do you think people that have been married 50 years know everything about each other? probably not they have 50 years of memories they made together and the stuff before that doesn't really matter. so fellow women we need to let go of this dream and realize there are thing we don't need to know and there are things we don't need to share. I'm not saying we shouldn't share our childhood with our partners, but those stupid things you did between 13 and 25 may not be something that needs to be brought up unless necessary.

Sunday, July 17, 2011


Let me ask you something: How can all the kids in these awful American strip mall karate schools be learning leadership? By definition can't only one be learning leadership? Maybe one or two more can learn lieutenantship, but that's about it.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

a statement made by our president

our president made a statement that if a bill give the USA enough money to get out of debt was not passed that he would have to cut government benefits like SSI, Medical, food stamps, government housing, etc. he also stated that as a whole we would need to learn to live in blended house holds. I'm really hoping this is just a scare tactic and he realizes what this will actually do to this country. benefit cut backs are one thing, but when you take away someones source of income that they use to survive this is not right.if  he cuts all these programs the homeless rate will sky rocket. and as for living in blended house holds, the murder rate will go up. i love my family but you stick all of us under one roof, some one's gonna die. just saying! 

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Are we a generation of pill-heads?

this is something that has been on my mind for awhile. i feel doctors don't want to fix anything or help cure it so they give you pills and more pills to just cope. we are given pills to sleep, to wake up, to prevent pregnancy, to stop a pregnancy, to lose weight, to make you happy, to deal with everyday living and if any of these have side effects they give you another pills to correct the side effect. we have no reason to take responsibility for our actions or emotions.  so back to my question are we a generation of pill-heads?

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

childhood fact or fiction.

do children these days really have a childhood? i am only 26, but as a mother i am noticing that more is expected of my children than was ever expected of me. when i started kindergarten all i had to know was my address and phone number. now a days you have to pass tests to get in to kindergarten. when they told me my kindergartner has to carry 2 after school activities, i about fell over. what happen to PLAYING OUTSIDE. are we so afraid if we let our children use their imagination's that they might have fun? so do our children really have a childhood, or our we to busy programing them for their future that we forget to stop and let them have fun and enjoy being worry free?

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chicken eggs

Deep Thoughts, the Sequel

Anytime somebody claims he's going to use cloth diapers instead of disposable because they're better for the environment, I like to ask him why he doesn't use a beach towel instead of toilet paper for the same reason.  Your responsibility to the planet doesn't stop when you're two.

Monday, June 27, 2011


So I worked for the department of corrections for over 6 years and even enjoyed my job. After all of my time there I felt unappreciated and like the state could care less about my existence. I was passed over for promotion more times then I can remember and even had officers I had trained get promoted before me. I would ask what I needed to do to get a promotion and would always be told I need more experience. I began to wonder how I didn't have enough being that I was a training officer and even helped the captain on my shift make a new training plan for new officers. I finally left corrections for a different career path and it was the best decision I have ever made. I have been here now for 13 months and it had seemed to go by in a blink. I have been promoted twice in that time (for you corrections people I am the equivalent of a LT) and feel like I am apart of a team. We are not perfect, but I know that everyone has my back and I have theirs. After all my time in corrections I never really felt like I was apart of a team and that has a lot to do with the reason I am not there anymore too. I am so happy to have finally found something I love to do, something I do not have to force myself to go to everyday.

more typing less sleeping

I have been having a lot of trouble sleeping as of late, this has affected my desire to write. I have tried writing before but no one ever understands my story lines or what I am going for. It also seems I can never come up with a original idea. That got me to thinking that is there any ideas left to have. If you think about everything that could be written or made a movie of has be done. How many different ways can you tell a story. Sure you can change a character and what city there from, but every story falls into a few set patterns. Boy meets girl, fall in love, do something to fuck it up, make up. Sports team sucks, practice hard/ discover new player, team gets good, win championship. Hero is bored, something bad happens, hero stops jacking off long enough to save day, roll credits. Scary Monster gets awaken, kill teenagers, some people get together and save the day. There are a few other variations but it has all been done. Is there anything left that we can do, I urge everyone try to come up with something original, save us from the same old thing.

Saturday, June 25, 2011


What would you do if your spouse or significant other asked for a threesome. Men ask this of there loved ones all the time and while it is a social taboo my question is why. Why is sex a purely physical act so important to a emotional relationship that the thought of doing something to add to the purely physical part is a big deal. Sex is fun and can be had without a emotional response. An if you are comfortable in your relationship added another person or persons can add a whole different experience. I do feel guys need to be more open to letting the woman having a threesome with another man and stop being so selfish. As a whole society needs to relax the emotional attachment to sex. Treat sex as it is a purely physical act that feels great and the more fun you can have the better it is.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

For those of you wondering {EAV_BLOG_VER:78104ce6a8f8496f}

Everything I posted today is from a old blog that I have not updated in a long time. I toyed with the idea of just letting the post fade away, and not to write anymore. I have been very busy lately and had not posted anything in a long time. After thinking about it for some time I realized that even if no one ever reads this blogs that they it doesn't matter. I do this for me as a way to realize tension and get things off of my chest to help me relax. I have had a lot of stress in my life lately and no where to rant. So what I am saying is I am back. I don't know how long I will be posting but I know it will make my overall well being go up. An if I share so wisdom that would be awesome too.

I have a problem, one we have all faced at one time or another. How do you break up with someone who has done nothing wrong. When we started dating it was great, I couldn't wait to see her again. But now I can't wait for her to leave, all the little things she does that I thought where so cute now make me want to stab myself with a dinner fork. In other words the passion is gone, aka the new wore off. We have nothing in common, totally different ideas about what is fun and she has no view of the future. I thought she would show me new things I would enjoy and I was wrong. But in the end she has done nothing wrong and she is a great person, and I never wanted to hurt her. So is there anyway to do that. Anyway to end the relationship without causing her pain. I don't think there is but I don't know.
Why does society as a whole still look down on tattoo's, I realize that this happens less now than the past, but it is still a problem. I have one and I am planning more (but they are not cheap, so it might be a while). More and more people are starting to see it as a way to express themselves or as a way to honor someone or some memory in their life. Others get them for more superficial reasons. But for every person that has one there is 2 more that look down on them. There are some companies that will not hire you if you have a visible tattoo. Some people still see them as something criminals do. This disgust me, I don't want to be judged, just because I choose to visually express myself. I have a permanent reminder of something important to me. Something I take pride in. How dare someone think there better than me. That I am somehow less of a person because I choose to show my pride with ink. I am not a criminal, a low class person, or any other wonderful stereotype just because I have a tattoo. I love my tattoo and can't wait to get more and the first person that says something about it will get beat down.
What if it was possible, what could we do with it. If everything happens for a reason would changing one small thing in the past destroy the future? You know maybe we should not mess with it. Just thinking about all the different possibilities makes my head hurt. So, I don't think I am going to dwell on this subject for much longer other then to say time travel is bad and gives me a headache. Good for movies and books. Bad for us in real life.

I can't stand dishonest people. If given the chance I would like to beat them all with a stick. In other words I hate politicians, here is a career path totally based on lying and stabbing the other guy in the back. An the better at lying you are the more money you make. I can't remember the last time the government actually did anything to help the american people. Sure they all talk a good game but what becomes of it. Nothing, I don't think congress could agree on anything. For example if you went before congress with a blue sheet of paper and ask them to vote yes if the paper was blue. The results would be something like 40% yes, 35% no, 15% 
undecided, and 10% wouldn't vote, because the color blue offends them. Then someone would want to send themselves on a fact finding trip to Hawaii, because someone there may have seen the color blue before and they could compare notes. After that they vote in a raise for themselves and take a vacation. And people wonder what is wrong with this country. Somewhere along the line the balance of power shifted from the people to the politicians. The government is suppose to be afraid of the people, but instead the people are afraid of the government. And worse than that I see no way to fix any of it. Unless we scrap the whole system and start over. An the first new rule NO LOBBYIST. There only purpose is to pay congressmen for there vote. So if you have enough money you can get whatever you want passed and stop whatever you want. No wonder Phillip Morris owns everything.
Legal Junk

We live in a free society, at least that is what they say. Yet it is against the law to do some things and not others. I am not talking about murder or anything like that, but things like weed. Why is it illegal, is it because it's harmful to your body. Well it is your body, so what if you want to harm it. They'll let you smoke all the cigarettes you want. Others will say it alters your state of mind. Well it is your mind, and so does beer for that mater. So why make marijuana illegal? If anyone does know please feel me in. I think they should make all drugs legal and tax the hell out of them. 

My big problem is what should be legal and what shouldn't be. I have a very simple idea for the formation of laws, "if it doesn't infringe on someone else's rights, you can do it". Here are a few more examples of things that should be legal, Suicide. I feel that it is your life and if you want to end it, first you should see a counselor and then if you still want to, do it. I personally think suicide is a quitters way out, but who am i to stop someone just because i don't agree with them.
I had not expected to return to this topic so soon, but I had an interesting experience and I wanted to share and get some outside insight on it. Just to make sure I am not the crazy one. I was at a bar last night and ran into some old friends. Well not really friends, but they were a pretty cool group of guys that I had met before. One of them brought a rather attractive female with him, and just through the course of conversation, she hit me with every sign of flirting I have ever known. Now she was obviously there with someone else so is this girl crazy, easy, or trying to make him jealous(in a side note he didnt even seem to care), or all of the above? Now, I am not ugly or scary looking but I have never been a chick magnet either. The whole situation left me confused and I was hoping some outside input would help. I am not really thinking of dating this girl( I mean clearly she is not trustworthy) but is this behavior normal? I dont often go to bars, I work on the nights it would be fun to go. So my bar girl knowledge is clearly low. But she could have just been a slut....now on to other things that piss me off...

Now if there was ever a topic to piss people off this is the one. At this point I would once again like to remind everyone that I AM NOT AN EXPERT. So any responses attacking me will be ignored. I am about to write something that would make my grandmother roll over in her grave. How do we know the Bible is accurate? Now before you run off and get the stake and torches, hear me out. The problem with the Bible is that it is written by men. Men have free will (a little problem that has bitten God in the ass a few times) So the question comes how do we know that all the different people who wrote and translated the Bible got it right. The Bible has been translated more than any book ever written, and even before that was written by many different people. So what I am trying to say is, how do we know that these hundreds, if not thousands of men who wrote and re-wrote the Bible, that all had free-will, did not make a few changes here and there. Or if we did not lose a little bit of it in the translation. Anyone that has studied a second language knows what lost in translation means. Some things just wont directly translate. Now I know that the first thing that most people are going to say is that God wouldn't let that happen. But that is where free-will becomes a problem. God wont control us, he lets us make our own decisions and pay the price for our own actions. God tries to put us on the right path and nudge us in the right direction, but most of us (myself included) are too stubborn for our own good. So maybe the Bible did come out as God wanted, but if it did, why are parts of it so widely disputed? I mean if the bible was accurate then there would be no different church denominations disagreeing on the meaning of one verse because everyone would know what God wanted and would follow it. That is if there weren't free-will so maybe the Bible is right or maybe men took some liberties? Who knows, but it is something to think about.
Here is something else to ponder. A lot of things in the Bible are are written by people who were not even there. If you were not there how do you know exactly what happened? Well someone told them, but we all have seen how well passing the story can go. When the event happened it was a stubbed toe. The story gets retold a few times and then it was a severed toe. And that is just for some of the stuff. Lets talk about Creation. How do you know what happened with Creation...No one was there, it was CREATION! I like how we assigned a time frame to that one. You know I bet God does not really work on a schedule. Now I am not saying that we dont have a clue what he wants or what really happened. I would even go so far as to say that the scientists are right. The universe did take billions of years to come together, that all creatures rose up from the muck, humans being the most advanced, and that whole theory of evolution...I buy it too. I just believe that it all had a guiding hand. Every thing fits too well for it to have been an accident. Maybe a billion years to me is one day to God. So what does it mean if the Bible and all the religions didn't get it right? Does that mean that we are all going to a very warm place when this is all over? I dont think so. I think God is more understanding than that. I say be a good person, have faith in God(and that does not mean you have to go to a special building) try not to break the big rules (I am hoping we got the Ten Commandments right) and God will give you a shot. But who knows, I know I will find out one day, I just hope that day is far away. Someone once said A man trying to understand God is like a penguin trying to understand Quantum Physics. And I think that is really my point here, we dont get God and our feeble little brains just do not have the power to understand him. So maybe we should just try to be decent people and stop arguing over the rest.(not that we will...there is the whole free-will thing again) Okay now to move on to another topic, but trust that we will come back here later.
I am not egotistical enough to think I know everything, but I have views on many things and I want to write as many as I can down, and maybe share them. If you get bored with one thing, move on to the next. I promise to cover as many topics as possible. Things like: religion, sex, drugs, law, time travel, and anything else I can think of. And just to set the record straight I am not an expert on any of these subjects and am more than willing to discuss them with anyone. But on the off chance that you read this and you cant find me, you can email me at SC234@hotmail.com or do it the easy way and respond here. I dont know how often, or how many posts there will be, but it seems like my mind never wants to shut down anymore, so I would imagine there will be many. Who knows maybe it will be a book one day. I do tend to lean towards the humorous sides of things (it has always been my defense mechanism), but dont let that take away from the point. Of course that is assuming I can write clearly enough for you to see my point. Hell, sometimes, even I dont get my point.

I want to write down everything I know about women, but that would make for a very short section. So instead I want to ask a few questions, and give what I think could be the answers.
Why do most women love guys that are assholes? I just dont get this one. The worse a guy treats a woman the more she wants to be with him, but if a guy treats her with respect and chivalry, he gets dropped. It just does not seem right that this is how the world works. I have a couple of theories why. The main one being that nice guys are boring. They work hard and treat women well, but nothing exciting ever happens when you are with them. With an asshole you never know what is going to happen next. Life is one big party. The only problem is one day you have to grow up. 
Another theory (and this one comes from a female friend of mine) says that there is no nice guy. That the world doesnt make them anymore. That even when a guy is being nice, he is only doing what he thinks he needs to do to get laid. I find that train of thought insulting, but at the same time I understand how it came to pass. I mean how many guys do you know that bring flowers on the first date because they think it will get them laid. What they are doing is making it harder for the real nice guys. But how do you tell a woman that has been hurt so many times that this time will be different? And if you can answer that let me know.

I would say that I hate to jump around on topics, but that would be a lie. So for now we will moving on from the female talk (and yes we will talk more about it later)