Sunday, April 15, 2012

A Conversation With God

Me: I hate you. God: Why? Me: Everything is your fault, everything is your plan. So it is all your fault. God: If it is my plan then it is happening as I want it too, you just don't understand. Me: Then explain it to me. Why do people die young? Why is there war? Why is there cancer? Why do babies die? Why do you let this horrible things happen? God: I could answer all of those questions, but I know that is not really what is bothering you. You are only truly worried about yourself. You only want to know why you don't get what you want. Me: You took everything from me, and I am suppose to just expect that. Why does everything have to be your plan. Why can't my plans be important too. What about what I want. What about the house and car I want. The family I had planned, the job I needed. What about my happiness? You left me to fight for myself and I did. I continue to fight everyday for what I want, but all you do is say no that is not my plan. Why should I care about your plan if it doesn't include what I want. Why should I let you guide me when I can do it by myself. God: I can grant you eternal salvation. You will live in paradise forever if you just follow me. Me: And if I don't I have to go to Hell. That is no choice you wave your hand and cast me away for having my own ideas about my life. That hardly seems fair. I hang on to my anger and never seem able to forgive. Is that part of your plan, me being so damn stubborn. Is that what you want for me. God: I want everyone of my children to come back to me. I cry forever lost soul, but that is the price I pay for granted you free will. I want no followers who don't believe. I force no one to follow me, it is your choice. Me:...... God: I made you the way you are so that you can grow. If you had not gone thru everything you had in your life you would not be who you are. For every thing you have gone thru has made you a stronger and better person. You can learn to forgive, and let go of your anger you just have to ask. You did become who you are overnight, and you will not change overnight. I could take it all from you in a moment, but then you would no longer be you. I made you this way for a reason and you are still a part of my plan. Me: I have never asked for anything from anyone that is the hardest thing to do. My sinful pride will not let me. God: You say yourself it is your sinful pride. I have always been there just waiting for you to ask. I will grant you these things, and the entire kingdom of heaven. Just let me help you. Let go of everything and let me guide you. I will show you the way. Me: God please forgive me for I am full of sin. You know my daily struggles and can truly see my heart. Help me to forgive and accept your wisdom. It has taken me 30 years of fighting but I see now that I can't do this by myself. I have denied you at every turn so sure that my way was better. I now that you where only trying to show me the path. Help me to let go of my anger and to grow as a person, but more importantly as a Christian. I accept now that everything I have now in my life is because of you. Help me to use everything I have to be the person you know I can be. But most of all help me to be humble and let you guide my path.

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