Saturday, April 14, 2012

God’s Creation
By Cassandra Brown
Drifting back a single place stands out in the writer’s memory. Using the five senses, sight, taste, smell, sound, and touch Niagara falls, Ontario, Canada can be described. Also the sight of the rolling water and the sound of the surrounding activities a person may experience are going to be explored. The taste of the salty mist and the sense of being a small dot on the map are given in detail. Niagara Falls is an amazing sight that indulges all the senses, because it is something only the hand of god could create.
The rolling water comes down the river like a freight train ending with the wonderful sight a woman stands gazing at in wonder. Standing there not knowing how this amazing wonder even began.  Did it begin as a small stream or has it always been this massive hole of wonder. The twinkle of light that fall upon the strip at night look as though the night sky as fell to the ground. On occasion some will see the rainbow of lights that fall upon the Horseshoe Falls.
Distracting a sight seer the sounds of the strip filter out over the sound of the falls. The small carnival gives off the familiar sound of children’s laughter.   The grinding sound of the fairest wheel grinding to a haul as lover exit hand in hand, tenderness in their hesitant giggles fills the night air.   The overwhelming sound of the tourists muddling about, showing that the Falls are something that is share between families, friends and strangers.
The salty smell enters the nose as the new explorer crosses the rainbow bridge into paradise. While walking along the strip the days of old fasion caramel popcorn and taffy drift to one’s nose.  While a tour on the double decker bus brings smells of sunscreen and the woman that left the hotel with a little too much perfume are burned into the memory. Flowers paint the causeways like a Picasso painting, filling the air with sweet smells of a backyard gardens.
While your senses are now almost filling to the brim, stepping back in aw, the viewer realizes what a small speck in a vast world. Taking the time to slow down is sometimes hard to find. The peace founded next to the Falls is like the first night a new born sleeps through the night. It takes a life time to find absolute peace and a moment to lose it.  So a true seeker cherishes every moment in God’s wonder.

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