Saturday, April 14, 2012

By: Cassandra Brown

                Is he a friend, a lover, a savior? This man fall into all of these categories.  In great detail I will describe how this wonder human being pulled me from the depths of despair to comfort me. Also I will explain the new formed connection we have that makes us one. I was lost and he saved me, because of this I am the person I am this moment in time.
                Smack, rock bottom this girl hit it hard like a ton of bricks. Then out of nowhere a friend of many years reached out a life line. He put himself in the middle of violence and pain to give a lost soul salvation. He pulled me in giving me strength to stand on my own.   To stand up for the things in life that is right. He has always been there in front of me, but I was blinded by temptation.
                Love, passion, and partnership are all a part of my life thanks to this saving grace.  I am free as a bird to live and become what God intended for me.  A smile something so unfamiliar is now a part of my daily wardrobe. He tells me am beautiful and smart. He says I can do anything in this world. At the end of the day I can’t wait to fall asleep wrapped in his arms. All those years behind the eyes of a friend were the love of my life.
                I was lead off the path of happiness to be hurt and defeated, think that no one could love me. If I would have just stopped for one moment and looked into the eyes of a friend I would have found what I was missing. He was there when others were not and he comforted me when I was beaten and bruised. Now I cherish every moment I spend gazing into his eyes and being wrapped in his arms, because I know someone finally looking back.

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