Sunday, April 22, 2012

Random Thoughts

Why do people get mad at you then not tell you why they are mad? It drives me crazy. I am not a perfect person nor will I ever be one. I generally don't intent to upset anyone, but sometimes it does happen. Now this person is going to be mad at me and not tell me why, worse they are going to be hidden mad and take it out on me in other ways. Just tell me what I did wrong, I promise I will fix it or at least feel really bad about it. If you don't tell me there is a problem I will not know there is a problem. I am as perspective as a brick wall, and just about as fast as one too. More importantly if I don't know something is making you mad, I will do it again. I say if you don't tell me the first time I did it made you mad, then you don't get to be mad the second time.

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