Thursday, June 23, 2011

Legal Junk

We live in a free society, at least that is what they say. Yet it is against the law to do some things and not others. I am not talking about murder or anything like that, but things like weed. Why is it illegal, is it because it's harmful to your body. Well it is your body, so what if you want to harm it. They'll let you smoke all the cigarettes you want. Others will say it alters your state of mind. Well it is your mind, and so does beer for that mater. So why make marijuana illegal? If anyone does know please feel me in. I think they should make all drugs legal and tax the hell out of them. 

My big problem is what should be legal and what shouldn't be. I have a very simple idea for the formation of laws, "if it doesn't infringe on someone else's rights, you can do it". Here are a few more examples of things that should be legal, Suicide. I feel that it is your life and if you want to end it, first you should see a counselor and then if you still want to, do it. I personally think suicide is a quitters way out, but who am i to stop someone just because i don't agree with them.

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