Thursday, June 23, 2011


Now if there was ever a topic to piss people off this is the one. At this point I would once again like to remind everyone that I AM NOT AN EXPERT. So any responses attacking me will be ignored. I am about to write something that would make my grandmother roll over in her grave. How do we know the Bible is accurate? Now before you run off and get the stake and torches, hear me out. The problem with the Bible is that it is written by men. Men have free will (a little problem that has bitten God in the ass a few times) So the question comes how do we know that all the different people who wrote and translated the Bible got it right. The Bible has been translated more than any book ever written, and even before that was written by many different people. So what I am trying to say is, how do we know that these hundreds, if not thousands of men who wrote and re-wrote the Bible, that all had free-will, did not make a few changes here and there. Or if we did not lose a little bit of it in the translation. Anyone that has studied a second language knows what lost in translation means. Some things just wont directly translate. Now I know that the first thing that most people are going to say is that God wouldn't let that happen. But that is where free-will becomes a problem. God wont control us, he lets us make our own decisions and pay the price for our own actions. God tries to put us on the right path and nudge us in the right direction, but most of us (myself included) are too stubborn for our own good. So maybe the Bible did come out as God wanted, but if it did, why are parts of it so widely disputed? I mean if the bible was accurate then there would be no different church denominations disagreeing on the meaning of one verse because everyone would know what God wanted and would follow it. That is if there weren't free-will so maybe the Bible is right or maybe men took some liberties? Who knows, but it is something to think about.
Here is something else to ponder. A lot of things in the Bible are are written by people who were not even there. If you were not there how do you know exactly what happened? Well someone told them, but we all have seen how well passing the story can go. When the event happened it was a stubbed toe. The story gets retold a few times and then it was a severed toe. And that is just for some of the stuff. Lets talk about Creation. How do you know what happened with Creation...No one was there, it was CREATION! I like how we assigned a time frame to that one. You know I bet God does not really work on a schedule. Now I am not saying that we dont have a clue what he wants or what really happened. I would even go so far as to say that the scientists are right. The universe did take billions of years to come together, that all creatures rose up from the muck, humans being the most advanced, and that whole theory of evolution...I buy it too. I just believe that it all had a guiding hand. Every thing fits too well for it to have been an accident. Maybe a billion years to me is one day to God. So what does it mean if the Bible and all the religions didn't get it right? Does that mean that we are all going to a very warm place when this is all over? I dont think so. I think God is more understanding than that. I say be a good person, have faith in God(and that does not mean you have to go to a special building) try not to break the big rules (I am hoping we got the Ten Commandments right) and God will give you a shot. But who knows, I know I will find out one day, I just hope that day is far away. Someone once said A man trying to understand God is like a penguin trying to understand Quantum Physics. And I think that is really my point here, we dont get God and our feeble little brains just do not have the power to understand him. So maybe we should just try to be decent people and stop arguing over the rest.(not that we will...there is the whole free-will thing again) Okay now to move on to another topic, but trust that we will come back here later.

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