Thursday, June 23, 2011


I can't stand dishonest people. If given the chance I would like to beat them all with a stick. In other words I hate politicians, here is a career path totally based on lying and stabbing the other guy in the back. An the better at lying you are the more money you make. I can't remember the last time the government actually did anything to help the american people. Sure they all talk a good game but what becomes of it. Nothing, I don't think congress could agree on anything. For example if you went before congress with a blue sheet of paper and ask them to vote yes if the paper was blue. The results would be something like 40% yes, 35% no, 15% 
undecided, and 10% wouldn't vote, because the color blue offends them. Then someone would want to send themselves on a fact finding trip to Hawaii, because someone there may have seen the color blue before and they could compare notes. After that they vote in a raise for themselves and take a vacation. And people wonder what is wrong with this country. Somewhere along the line the balance of power shifted from the people to the politicians. The government is suppose to be afraid of the people, but instead the people are afraid of the government. And worse than that I see no way to fix any of it. Unless we scrap the whole system and start over. An the first new rule NO LOBBYIST. There only purpose is to pay congressmen for there vote. So if you have enough money you can get whatever you want passed and stop whatever you want. No wonder Phillip Morris owns everything.

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