Thursday, June 23, 2011

I had not expected to return to this topic so soon, but I had an interesting experience and I wanted to share and get some outside insight on it. Just to make sure I am not the crazy one. I was at a bar last night and ran into some old friends. Well not really friends, but they were a pretty cool group of guys that I had met before. One of them brought a rather attractive female with him, and just through the course of conversation, she hit me with every sign of flirting I have ever known. Now she was obviously there with someone else so is this girl crazy, easy, or trying to make him jealous(in a side note he didnt even seem to care), or all of the above? Now, I am not ugly or scary looking but I have never been a chick magnet either. The whole situation left me confused and I was hoping some outside input would help. I am not really thinking of dating this girl( I mean clearly she is not trustworthy) but is this behavior normal? I dont often go to bars, I work on the nights it would be fun to go. So my bar girl knowledge is clearly low. But she could have just been a on to other things that piss me off...

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