Monday, June 27, 2011

more typing less sleeping

I have been having a lot of trouble sleeping as of late, this has affected my desire to write. I have tried writing before but no one ever understands my story lines or what I am going for. It also seems I can never come up with a original idea. That got me to thinking that is there any ideas left to have. If you think about everything that could be written or made a movie of has be done. How many different ways can you tell a story. Sure you can change a character and what city there from, but every story falls into a few set patterns. Boy meets girl, fall in love, do something to fuck it up, make up. Sports team sucks, practice hard/ discover new player, team gets good, win championship. Hero is bored, something bad happens, hero stops jacking off long enough to save day, roll credits. Scary Monster gets awaken, kill teenagers, some people get together and save the day. There are a few other variations but it has all been done. Is there anything left that we can do, I urge everyone try to come up with something original, save us from the same old thing.

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