Thursday, June 23, 2011

Why does society as a whole still look down on tattoo's, I realize that this happens less now than the past, but it is still a problem. I have one and I am planning more (but they are not cheap, so it might be a while). More and more people are starting to see it as a way to express themselves or as a way to honor someone or some memory in their life. Others get them for more superficial reasons. But for every person that has one there is 2 more that look down on them. There are some companies that will not hire you if you have a visible tattoo. Some people still see them as something criminals do. This disgust me, I don't want to be judged, just because I choose to visually express myself. I have a permanent reminder of something important to me. Something I take pride in. How dare someone think there better than me. That I am somehow less of a person because I choose to show my pride with ink. I am not a criminal, a low class person, or any other wonderful stereotype just because I have a tattoo. I love my tattoo and can't wait to get more and the first person that says something about it will get beat down.

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